Ali Puckett, Owner, Buttonhead LLC

Since 2008, my primary career focus has been development of my own small business, Buttonhead LLC.  The company started in an apartment bedroom with one small piece of production equipment.  Today, it has a full retail product line, a growing studio, and an established client base.  I am assisted in day-to-day operations by my husband and Production Manager, Joel Peters.  Together, we are dedicated to the continued growth of the company through quality products and excellent customer service.  We are an American, family-operated small business who is excited for the continued evolution of our company.  We appreciate your interest and look forward to connecting with you.

Professional Experience
Buttonhead, LLC
Owner / January 2008-Present

Buttonhead manufactures personalized party favors, keepsakes, and promotional products.  As the owner and primary operator, I am responsible for:

  • Business development and general management.
  • Financial accounting.
  • Website development and SEO.
  • Product development and photography.
  • Graphic design and print production.
  • Sales, marketing, and media.
  • Client service.
Scientific Voice
Account Manager / January 2005 – November 2007

Scientific Voice was a speaker bureau and program management service provider.  The company specialized in health and wellness clientele.  My primary duties included:

  • Client service and communication.
  • Team leading and building.
  • Budget analysis.
  • Report generation and analysis.
Discovery Chicago
Meeting Coordinator / January 2005 – June 2005

Discovery Chicago was a healthcare communications agency.  I worked as an event coordinator with duties that included:

  • Onsite meeting logistics management.
  • Attendee registration management.
  • Attendee hotel, air, ground transport.
  • Event audio/visual coordination.
  • Financial reconciliation and budgets.
DePaul University
Bachelor of Arts, English/Political Science
College of DuPage
Associate in Fine Art, Theatre
Google Analytics Essential Training
May 27, 2015
SEO Link Building in Depth
December 4, 2012 with Peter Kent
SEO Fundamentals
November 28, 2012 with David Booth
Photoshop for Designers: Color
April 10, 2012 with with Nigel French
Photoshop Brushes
March 27, 2012 with Bruce Heavin
Flash Professional CS5 Essential Training
November 23, 2011 with Todd Perkins
Illustrator Inside Training
October 26, 2011 with with Mordy Golding
XHTML and HTML Essential Training
April 18, 2011 with Bill Weinman
Web Design Fundamentals
April 14, 2011 with James Williamson
Search Engine Optimization
February 14, 2011 with Jill Whalen
Photoshop CS5 Essential Training
December 24, 2010 with Michael Ninness
Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training
June 14, 2010
Marketing Fundamentals
May 27, 2015 with Drew Boyd
Conversion Rate Optimization Fundamentals
May 21, 2015 with Chris Goward
Value-Based Pricing
May 20, 2015 with Stefan Michel
Online Marketing Fundamentals
November 23, 2012 with Lorrie Thomas Ross
Insights from an Online Marketer
November 21, 2012 with Lorrie Thomas Ross
Insights from a Content Marketer
November 21, 2012 with C.C. Chapman
Maximizing Web Video and Podcast Audience with Hypersyndication
March 14, 2012 with Richard Harrington
Creative Inspirations: Mexopolos, Animation Studio
November 9, 2011 with Jorge Gutierrez
Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter
February 24, 2011 with Anne-Marie Concepción
Margo Chase's Hand-Lettered Poster: Start to Finish
December 26, 2010 with Margo Chase